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There are so many ways for you or your organisation to get involved. We are Mumbai-based registered non-profit organization that works in joint collaboration with reputed NGOs such as Akanksha Foundation and Teach for India.


Use your skills and experience to support the work we do:

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Be Our Photographer

You can volunteer your time, skills and experience to capture our childrens different moods and activities, Ra Foundation's special events and celebrations.

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Fundraise For RA

As an individual, with your business or company you can help us fundraise or create awareness! Please get in touch, to explore a collaboration or partnership.

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Be Our Runner

Participate in the Dream Run, in Mumbai Marathon as an individual runner or as a Corporate Team or for the Student Challenge and support Ra wearing our bib.

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Be a Mentor

Be a Mentor

Become our children’s friend and guide, you can be a role-model and a source of inspiration.

What is Mentorship?

Our Mentorship program starts with a child when she/he is in IXth standard and in residentail school. Mentoring is a development strategy for a child’s successful path to adulthood. A supportive individual, i.e. a mentor, works closely with a child to build a relationship by offering guidance, support, and encouragement to cultivate the child’s positive and healthy development and thus helping them grow up by becoming confident, respected and responsible.

Mentoring creates assurance in a child’s mind that there is someone who cares about them, and that they are not alone in dealing with the day-to-day challenges.

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Support a Child

The Happy Kids Program has been designed to help vulnerable children, with inadequate support from the institution of family and other social institutions, to develop their academic and social potential to the fullest.
With quality and holistic education in reputed and well-established residential schools, the program wishes to impact  their intellectual, emotional and physical well-being. Ra acts as their foster parent to cater to all their needs, wishing to provide them with the best of opportunities like we would for our own offspring.

RA Children in need of sponsorship

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