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Ra’s Happy Kids Program aims at enabling children from particularly vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds to develop their social and academic potential as a key to happiness in life.

List of children in need of sponsorship

20 Children
Imtiyaz Choudhary photo

Imtiyaz Choudhary

At ten years of age, Imtiyaz Choudhary lost his mother to jaundice. He continued to live with his father, who mostly kept ill. To provide quality supervision, the Ra foundation enrolled him in Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School, Pune. Know more

Imran Shaikh photo

Imran Shaikh

Imran's father passed away in 2012. Imran lived with his mother and two younger siblings and his mother works as a maid to take up the family’s financial responsibilities. Know more

Bhumi Tambe photo

Bhumi Tambe

Bhumi Tambe lost her father at a tender age. She lived with her mother and brother. The family’s living situation was unsafe because a giant tree was growing through the house that acted as an attraction for dangerous reptiles and snakes. Know more

Bhagyeshri Girasa photo

Bhagyeshri Girasa

Bhagyeshri lacked quality supervision and education due to an unfortunate domestic life. To provide the same, in 2015, the Ra foundation enrolled Bhagyeshri in 2nd grade in Sweet Memories Highschool, Panchgani, through its Happy Days Progra Know more

Anish Shaikh photo

Anish Shaikh

Anish Shaikh lost his mother when he was just one year old. To help with Anish's education and supervision, the Ra foundation enrolled him in 1st grade in Silverdale High School, Panchgani, through its Happy Days Program. Know more

Aarya Tambe photo

Aarya Tambe

Aarya Tambe set foot in Ra’s Happy Kids Program in 2017 as a reticent 11 year-old. Coming from a far from ideal family situation and susceptible community environment, he instantly blended in and discovered his academic and creative interests. Know more

Aditya Kuwar photo

Aditya Kuwar

Aditya Kuwar lost his father at a young age. His single homeless mother does not work and thus is unable to provide proper food and shelter. Know more

Aditi Pawar photo

Aditi Pawar

Aditi Pawar (2009)  lost both her parents, and lives with her elder sister in Indore. They also have two other older sisters, both married and settled with their respective families. To support them Know more

Biswajeet Singh photo

Biswajeet Singh

Bishwajeet Singh (2001) is from West Bengal but lives in Mumbai with his aunt as he is an orphan.  Know more

About Sponsoring a Child

Children left vulnerable due to the loss of parents, abuse or extreme deprivation need a lot more support and care to help them achieve their social and academic potential. Support the holistic education of a child through the residential schooling format of the Happy Kids Program to ensure that much needed humancare for the child.
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Holistic Education:

Ra Foundation identifies schools that can work seamlessly with our team, towards the emotional, social and academic development of the child by encouraging hobbies/ interests, mentoring & providing remedial classes.

Residential schools:

The core of our program is to provide access to a safe, caring and motivating environment as well as to high-quality education through the residential school format. We partner with good quality residential schools in Panchgani, Nashik and Pune to achieve this.

College Education:

Our kids take up college courses, after taking an aptitude test, to pursue careers of their choice. We support the college kids with a mentorship program as well as take care of their other expenses like stationery and pocket money

Vocational Courses:

The Happy kids program encourages kids to develop their talents and interests even in college. Some of our kids take up vocational courses or talent/ hobby classes to build on their skills and talents.