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Ra’s Happy Kids Program aims at enabling children from particularly vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds to develop their social and academic potential as a key to happiness in life.

List of children in need of sponsorship

20 Children
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Happy Kids Program

The Happy Kids Program is a comprehensive program  that helps vulnerable children achieve their social and academic potential. Contribute to the program to improve the education and lives of our children! Know more

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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is an important component of our program, to help the kids cover medical exigencies. Support the medical needs of the Ra Kids

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Rekha Manjukar

Rekha Manjukar (2001) was the first child to become part of Ra Foundation's family in 2006: she was found on a pavement near Mumbai's CST station together with her visually-impaired parents.  Know more

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Jayesh Satpute

Jayesh Satpute was born in 2008 and despite being the youngest student enrolled in the Happy Kids Program he’s very smart and a fast learner. 
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Ashwini Khillare

Ashwini Khillare (2000) is a single-parent child and lives in Mumbai with her mother and two siblings. Her mother works as saleswoman trading garlic for plastic bags Know more

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Kumar Chavan

Kumar Chavan (1999) belongs to a single-parent family living in Mumbai. His father died and his mother works as a laborer at the fish dock together with Kumar's brother. Know more

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Sabinabanu Shaikh

Sabinabanu Shaikh (2002) is a single-parent child. She lives in Mumbai with her mother and elder brother. Know more

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Soham Mhashilkar

Soham joined Ra in 2019 post the passing away of his father. Soham adapted to the boarding school environment at St Xaviers High School (Panchgani) in the twinkling of an eye with a cheerful and cooperat Know more

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Kiran Holgar

Kiran Holgar lived with his grandparents and two elder siblings in Mumbai before his grandfather retired from the Railway Protection Force. Know more

About Sponsoring a Child

Children left vulnerable due to the loss of parents, abuse or extreme deprivation need a lot more support and care to help them achieve their social and academic potential. Support the holistic education of a child through the residential schooling format of the Happy Kids Program to ensure that much needed humancare for the child.
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Holistic Education:

Ra Foundation identifies schools that can work seamlessly with our team, towards the emotional, social and academic development of the child by encouraging hobbies/ interests, mentoring & providing remedial classes.

Residential schools:

The core of our program is to provide access to a safe, caring and motivating environment as well as to high-quality education through the residential school format. We partner with good quality residential schools in Panchgani, Nashik and Pune to achieve this.

College Education:

Our kids take up college courses, after taking an aptitude test, to pursue careers of their choice. We support the college kids with a mentorship program as well as take care of their other expenses like stationery and pocket money

Vocational Courses:

The Happy kids program encourages kids to develop their talents and interests even in college. Some of our kids take up vocational courses or talent/ hobby classes to build on their skills and talents.