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Aditi Pawar

Aditi Pawar (2009)  lost both her parents, and lives with her elder sister in Indore. They also have two other older sisters, both married and settled with their respective families. To support them

Aditi Pawar lost her parents at a young age. She has two elder sisters who had to quit their education to support and feed the family. One of Aditi’s elder cousins had a job in the government hospitality sector, which provided a housing quarter. The facility was then offered to the three sisters. Since Aditi’s sisters had to work, she was left alone from morning to evening with no supervision. Her sisters were concerned about the negative influence of the community on Aditi. Therefore, to provide quality care and education means, the Ra foundation, through its Happy Kids Program, enrolled Aditi in 3rd grade in Sanjeevan Vidyalaya, Panchgani. The program helped Aditi to better her speaking and verbal abilities. She is currently studying in 8th grade.    

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